esmaspäev, 29. oktoober 2007

Matrix as an OS

Leidsin sellise toreda arutelu Matrix filmi üle. Kui siis jätta kõrvale ilus gui ning müstika siis mis tegelikult toimus. process Smith eventually tries to kill the scheduler process, but since it's itself scheduled by it, cannot do so reliably. The system gets wedged because the scheduler cannot perform its tasks anymore, including interrupt servicing, but the part of Smith's code in the scheduler's VM image (which is accidentally also the part shared with process Neo) still runs. Since there are only two processes running, they both are trying to kill each other. Meanwhile, since interrupts are no longer being served, the hardware watchdog timer wakes up, inserts a NMI, which wakes up the monitoring system. It decides the system is in a critical state and proceeds to kill all processes, then restarts them to bring the system up again. The End. Matrixi ainetel võiks teha palju madalama eelarvelisema versiooni kus kontoritöötaja Neo võitleb enda asutuse kurja süsadmini ja tema matrix nimelise linux serveriga. oleks mul siin rubriigid liigitaks selle posti: arvutinohikute huumor

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